Preparing Your New Homes To Be Pet-Friendly

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For a few Calgary homeowners, one of the most important family members are the four-legged ones. If you’re the kind of person who can’t picture life without a pet. But nor do you want to give up your feeling of personalized style to be able to provide your four-legged buddies a comfy life they deserve. Fortunately, you don’t need to. Simply think about how you actually live, then style and furnish your house in pet-friendly methods.

You may need hard-surface floors to help keep pet-occupied areas in tip-top shape. Options like stone or ceramic tiles, laminate floors, or painted concrete could possibly be simpler to maintain and stain-free than carpeting your floors.


Yes, you may use rugs. The technique is to get cheap ones. Unlike carpet, rugs can be picked up and washed or trashed.

Fragile items and your crazy but lovable pets don’t mix. One move of your dog’s tail or swat of a cat’s paw will send your collection of 15th century china figurines skittering throughout the space like bowling pins.

dogs living room


it’s unequalled wood’s traditional beauty in Calgary. If you pick planks, choose harder forest for example oak or mahogany. Avoid much softer, simpler-to-dent forest for example pine and fir. And safeguard high-traffic areas with area rugs.

Train your pets to remain off  furniture. Any dog owner will explain this is easier in theory, but try training pets to remain from the mattress or couch from an earlier age to assist make sure the durability of the furnishings.

Your goal is to choose upholstery fabrics that create less work for you. Think carefully before you buy chairs – Quality Furniture

Have you ever walked right into a the place to find be aesthetically attacked using these bad boys, you may have developed a strong dislike to any or all pet furniture. But increasingly more brands are developing pet-focused furnishings that really add visual appeal to your house and do not create an eyesore.

We like our pets. We spoil them with decadent goodies, dress them for security in inclement weather and spoil all of them with accoutrements fit for royalty.



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